Plan and Execute B2B Trade Show Campaigns in 5 Steps

Today brand matters more than ever. And nothing helps sales more than a strong brand. People have become numb to messages targeted at them. Instead, try creating an experience within the message. These experiences shouldn’t be exclusive to the physical realm–virtual experiences in a series of related experiences that flow from one another define your brand in the minds of customers and make it possible to initiate, maintain and develop new business relationships. Trade shows also take on both physical and virtual experiences that must have brand continuity to attract and retain your customers loyalty and trust. Live demonstrations, new product presentations and a concentrated market overview are added-value factors that trade visitors and decision-makers particularly look forward to at a live event that’s both in-person and virtual. 

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5 Steps for Planning Trade Show Marketing Tactics

  1. Begin with the end in mind–Define goals and measures for success
  2. Stand out–Strong creative campaigns cut through the noise get noticed
  3. Quickly and succinctly articulate the brand and what makes it unique
  4. Ditch the table and create an immersive experience
  5. Plan follow-up engagement–Turn warm leads in to loyal customers

Creative Marketing Tactics to Support the Campaign

It can be challenging for marketing professionals to plan, coordinate and execute successful trade show campaigns where they have a captivating, impactful brand presence within budget. Let our show stopping visuals and creative campaigns help your brand stand out from the herd. and be the brand your customers want to meet and do business with. Below are tactics Kudu can help with to create a fully immersive brand experience your customers will love engaging with.

  • Strategy + planning
  • Live event videos
  • In-booth videos
  • Service or product PDFs
  • Website integrations
  • Blog posts
  • Website landing pages
  • Website pillar pages
  • Branded content
  • Infographics
  • Trade show magazines
  • Case studies
  • Brand stories
  • Corporate brochures
  • White papers
  • Digital presentations
  • Re-engagement emails
  • Social media campaigns
  • Display & standing banners
  • Slide show presentations

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kudu creative's owner and creative strategist, Sarah Clark.

Sarah Clark

Owner & Creative Principal

Sarah Clark is strategy and design. She’s worked in Fargo, ND at a tech start-up, Minneapolis, MN at a major branding firm and several agencies in the Lehigh Valley. Diversity in region and clients has helped to define different strategic approaches to each unique business. She’s at the perfect point between doing what she loves and what she’s good at. As a creative director, she sees the world through image, type, color and texture. As a problem solver, she doesn't see roadblocks. Sarah is currently a part of the West Ward Steering Committee, board member of Third Street Alliance for Women & Children, BW NICE Lehigh Valley, and The Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. She also likes to help out on creative projects like Easton Murals Project.