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The Hindle is a unique experience that connects business culture and leadership with art and soul. Delivered by world-class instructors – led by Bill Hindle, an inspirational speaker with four decades of achievements – in a magnificent chateau in Provence, France. A week, quite simply, that is only available here. Then return to your business or organization to create a culture of influence and potential. Refresh yourself with the upcoming book “Business Culture: Create Your Masterpiece.” And collaborate with industry leaders create a masterpiece, thinking in a whole new way.


The goal of any good conversion page is to make consumers interact with your product. If you’re not in the know, this may seem as simple as designing a webpage and hitting publish – however, it’s much more involved than that. To prepare for our launch campaign for the Hindle, we researched Google Keywords to have competitive SEO, integrated the keywords on the website, and set up proper metadata for each webpage. We also designed social media ads to run on Linkedin and Facebook, and created a posting schedule to ensure maximum exposure to these platforms. The next step was adding interest to the landing page – stunning photography of the French countryside and bold header videos added the visual interest we desired. Lastly, we made sure there were plenty of places for consumers to click – email and newsletter signups, as well as free downloads, made sure that we would have a steady page retention statistic. Visit the link below to see for yourself.  The Hindle website

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